HSC offers powerful, flexible and cost-saving IP telephony solutions for businesses.

IP telephony is that aspect of communication that is carried out over a local or wide area network. This technology uses “internet protocols” to communicate by digital means over the LAN/WAN.

Our IP telephony solution allows the business owner to:

  • Take advantage of existing structured cabling and the accompanying hardware applications to communicate more effectively
  • This technology improves organizational productivity and lowers operational costs
  • IP telephony allows for a dramatic advance in communications systems
  • IP telephony allows for the convergence of various systems into one
  • With IP telephony the user can combine voice, data, video, and multimedia technologies into one unified system that is digitally based
  • IP Telephony creates the potential for huge cost savings and increased productivity

Our IP telephony solutions have the following key differentiators:

  • Mobility for staff

  • Ready PMS integration without any middleware

  • Automated wake up and alarm

  • Integrated Voice mail

  • Built in call accounting & integration to third party systems

  • Multiple connectivity options (E1/T1, ISDN. Analogue, GSM, VOIP and Radio)

  • Advanced IVR capability

  • Integration with security systems

  • Support for multiple user terminals (IP phones) from different vendors