The expectations of hotel guests have changed radically in recent years. Free Wi-Fi, complimentary services and a comfortable place to stay are no longer enough to attract guests. The modern digitally-connected guests wants a hotel that lets them stay connected from the moment they arrive at the reception, all across the hotel, while allowing them to enjoy the same technology they use at home.

For the last 18 years HSC, through an exclusive partnership with Otrum AS — a market-leader and pioneer in guest infotainment solutions, has been offering unparalleled and innovative infotainment solutions to the Hospitality industry across Sub-saharan Africa, racking in over 20,000 IPTV guest rooms and 500+ signage installations.

Otrum Interactive IPTV

Traditional TV systems can’t compete with the quality and simplicity of Otrum IPTV solution

Otrum Enterprise is a robust, flexible and on-the-cloud IPTV solution built on a HTML5 foundation and designed to work across multiple platforms, delivering a seamless user experience across TVs, tablets, and smart-phones. With its Smart Hotel TVs implementation, Otrum IPTV can significantly reduce investment costs by using existing infrastructure such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and coax.

Quick Features

  • Video-on-demand
  • International TV channels
  • Web radio
  • Wake up alarm
  • Guest welcome & messaging
  • View bill & express check-out
  • Feeds: flights, news, & weather
  • Hotel info & promotional content
  • TV maintenance & management
  • Guest analytics
  • Optimized housekeeping
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Some of our Otrum IPTV Installations


Guest content streaming just got easier

OtrumCast is an innovative casting solution that utilizes an in-room Google Chromecast device to enable guests to stream their favorite content from their smart devices, directly to the in-room TVs.

OtrumCast seamlessly supports Android and iOS mobile clients, allowing guests to access their own content from Netflix, HBO, YouTube, and over 1000 more content-rich applications.

OtrumCast: Learn More

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Otrum Digital Signage

Reinvent the way you engage your customers with Otrum digital signage solution.

Otrum Digital Signage is a powerful communication tool designed to help businesses reach a widely distributed audience. It allows businesses to display images, videos, web pages, and feeds (news, weather, flights), and provide superior wayfinding service to conference delegates via meeting overview screens and digital door signs.

The signage solution helps keep marketing messages targeted and up to date with campaigns and product promotions while allowing easy management of all screens and content through a simple web browser interface.

  • Reach your guests, property-wide.
  • Share the right message at the right time.
  • Consistent messaging with your branding
  • Generate revenue via in-house sales promotions.
  • ROI from elimination of printing costs.
  • Environmentally friendly, reduce paper usage.
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Some of our Otrum Digital Signage Installations

Choose Otrum. Give your guests a ‘just like home’ stay experience

Otrum IPTV, content casting and signage solutions connects your guests from the moment they arrive at the reception, all across the hotel, while allowing them to enjoy the same technology they use at home.

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