For informed and procedural evacuation of a building during emergency sessions, HSC recommends installation of an EVAC system in premises with large number of persons at any one time.

Our Voice EVAC solution provides the client with an array of stored pre-recorded messages that can be played back when the fire alarm is triggered, or when the operator wants a zone or the entire building to be evacuated. It also gives the operator control of the system by allowing them to intervene and make announcements through the paging microphone and the fireman’s microphones.

To simplify installations, we offer an integrated EVAC and BGM (Background Music) solution for seamless background music playback and EVAC intervention when the emergency evacuation is triggered.

Our EVAC solution captures the essence of a planned and informed evacuation to achieve the following:
  • Voice Evac not only lets everyone know to get out, but it also informs them of where the danger is-so they can avoid it.

  • Inform if evacuation is required, and at what levels.

  • Live human intervention for up – to – date information dissipation.

  • Safe evacuation routes in a building.

  • Offer pre-recorded messages announcement and a paging system.