Reinvent the way you engage your customers with our digital signage solutions.

HSC  offers a smart signage solution that will help you make any location a visual landmark for your audience. The solution will provide you with powerful communication tools to reach a widely distributed audience, with minimal effort. Our Digital Signage solution will keep your marketing messages targeted, up to date with campaigns and product promotions, managing all your screens and content through a simple web browser.

Engage | Entice | Inform

Our customized cloud-based Digital Signage solution enables you to display digital images, videos, web pages, RSS feeds, real-time weather news and flight information.

In addition, the solution provides a superior wayfinding service to conference delegates, with meeting overview screens and digital door signs.

Some of the benefits of our Digital Signage solutions:

  • Reach your guests, property-wide
  • Share the right message at the right time
  • Consistent messaging with your branding
  • Generate revenue via in-house sales promotions

  • ROI from the elimination of printing costs.
  • Environmentally friendly, reduce paper usage