Building Automation and Security Solutions

HSC Limited provides integrated building management, security and safety systems designed to be scalable, energy efficient and controllable from a central point.

Alerton Building Management System

A powerful and dynamic BMS that works to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational downtime, and maximize space utilization. With Alerton BMS, you will be able to control temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting and appliances in homes and buildings.

INNCOM Guest Room Management System

INNCOM GRMS combines innovative energy management, lighting control, electronic lock control, guest interfaces and operating enhancements to provide an integrated, reliable, cost-effective and technologically advanced room automation system for the modern guest room.

Smart Home Automation

Smarter, Safer Homes. HSC’s home automation gives you the ability to manage home safety, reduce energy consumption, and provide seamless entertainment options, controllable via on-site touch panels or remotely via your smartphone or tablet.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

HSC offers comprehensive fire detection and voice evacuation solutions by integrating the addressable fire detection control panel with an EVAC system. Our solutions are versatile, easy-to-use, and designed to provide greater control over building safety.

Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems

Our Voice EVAC solution provides the client with an array of stored pre-recorded messages that can be played back when the fire alarm is triggered, or when the operator wants a zone or the entire building to be evacuated.

Access Control & Intercom Systems

Our Access Control and Intercom Systems provide comfort, safety and smarter ways to manage access for commercial and residential premises, whilst alloying maximum comfort and safety to residents and visitors to buildings.

Video Surveillance Systems

HSC provides a wide range of integrated surveillance solutions for enhanced security monitoring. Our CCTV solutions use the best-in-class, high-resolution network cameras for vivid video images any time of day.

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