Thermal imaging technology has been very critical in the fight against the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus global pandemic. The technology allows early detection of potential threats by providing businesses and security personnel with efficient and safe ways of performing fast real-time body temperature measurement. This has proven to be effective around the world and exceedingly useful in locations such as Taiwan and China, where cases of coronavirus are now at an all-time low.

Our solutions combine thermal imaging technology and artificial intelligence to screen for elevated body temperatures. Integration with access control and other entrance management systems provides additional security, safety and peace of mind to businesses.

Solutions Overview

Flexible product choices for a multitude of scenarios

Face recognition access control with temperature screening

‘Contact-less’ access control terminal with face recognition and temperature screening.

The integrated temperature screening function on our face recognition terminals screens for elevated skin-surface temperature with high accuracy and alerts the facility management in case of abnormal readings. This solution can be configured to allow or deny building access based on one’s temperature levels.

The practicality and efficiency of the ‘touch-free’ experience is highly advantageous in the fight against touch-transmitted infections.

Thermographic cameras for group temperature screening

Real-time temperature screening of multiple people, simultaneous.

Bi-spectrum thermal cameras that are capable of detecting elevated body temperatures with high accuracy, in real-time, and alerting facility management of possible health risks.

These bi-spectrum thermal cameras are extremely useful in crowded areas where measuring elevated body temperatures quickly is of critical importance.

Walkthrough metal detectors with temperature screening

Two-in-one door frame metal detectors with human body temperature measurement.

Walk-through metal detectors that have adopted thermal imagery technology for non-contact accurate human-body temperature measurement.

This solution comes with a digital screen to display real-time temperature and alarm counter, a bi-directional buzzer alarm and LED alert on fever detection, and an advanced digital processing technology for low rate false alarms.

Hand-held and tripod-mounted portable thermographic cameras

Preliminary on-spot temperature screening – anytime, anywhere, with one click

Handheld and tripod-mountable thermal cameras, specially designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperature with high accuracy in real-time. This solution can be widely used for preliminary temperature screening in buildings and public areas.

Main features include; Dual imaging technology, image/video recording and saving, rechargeable battery (5 hours of use), WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities, and an LCD touch display.

Thermographic surveillance cameras with real-time mask detection and people counting (crowd density monitoring)

Why Thermal Technology

Thermal technology incorporates competent technologies, instead of manpower alone. This can be a much better choice in many ways.

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Get flexible thermal imaging solutions for a multitude of scenarios

With HSC’s unmatched technical experience, world-class support service and Hikvision’s full line of thermal imaging  products, you will get an all-encompassing solution to keep your organization safe, while increasing the global efforts of fighting the virus pandemic.

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