Imagine this: It’s a busy morning in the city, people hurriedly leave their apartments, homes and hotels, some stop at the café for a morning bite, others hustle their way to public transport or take a drive, all aiming to arrive in their workplaces just in time for work. It doesn’t matter where one works on lives; apartments, hotels, commercial complexes, gated communities, office blocks – all these buildings serve unique purposes in our daily lives, yet share similar security requirements.

This is precisely why HSC has partnered with Hikvision to offer an all-in-one building security and safety systems package that cover all the main areas of building security; from surveillance to alarm, access control, and entrance/exit management – all manageable from a central command centre.

Depending on a real-world or building needs and limitations, HSC can offer unique combinations of each system and with customizable functionalities. Our Hikvision offerings range from the most general safety and security needs to advanced intelligent functions that improve building management and user experience.

Intelligent Functions

To reduce operational costs and enrich the user experience, Hikvision also offers a wide variety of intelligent products and functions such as people counting, heat mapping, and deep-learning-based perimeter protection in all security systems.

Central Command Center

See it all, and all at once. From real-time video surveillance to visual alarm data, GIS information, cases escalation, system health monitoring and audit trails, Hikvision Command and Control Center allows your team to stay on top of everything that is happening. Information is automated and processed in real-time providing an effective workflow.

Get an all-encompassing Hikvision security and safety system installed by HSC

With HSC’s unmatched technical experience, world-class support service and Hikvision’s full line of innovative security products, you will get an all-encompassing solution for all your building security needs, leading to more efficient operations and greater commercial success.

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