Life @ HSC

A working environment to grow and realize your potential

At HSC you’ll get an opportunity to grow and realize your potential as you work with experienced and expertly trained IT professionals. When you work at HSC you become part of a team that is dedicated, supportive and constantly challenged. We value achieving our goals and empowering employees and this is ingrained in our culture that we have built for over 20 years.

What is it like to work at HSC?

Expertise + Experience = Engagement

You will get a chance to connect with experienced industry experts and exchange information, ideas, and concepts that translate into action. You will experience an environment where there is clarity in role definition, responsibilities, and participation. This gives you room for continuous self-improvement. We take care of our team and ensure that our departments are customer-centered to provide our clients with excellent service. This has enabled us to be a market leader in the IT sphere in Africa.


Thoughts from our team

If you follow your curiosity you will find your passion. My curiosity to find out how software works led me into a career of my passion – Software Support.



I believe that no matter how good you are individually, the synergies and the power that comes out of a great team far outweighs what one great individual can do.


The Boss

Put the customer first and keep checking on them.This way you make sure they are sorted and everything is working well.


Money Man

Being part of the group

The HSC teams

Being part of a team helps create a sense of belonging in a workplace by encouraging teamwork and inclusiveness. The HSC teams serve this purpose by getting employees to know each other better outside the context of a work environment through competitive games, volunteering, and other social activities. Our teams and team names are a reflection of our differences, personalities, and interests, but at the end of the day… we are all Team HSC.

The Alphas!
The Panthers!
The Prometheans!
That Better Team!

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Do you have what it takes to be part of a dynamic and daring team?

A career at HSC means an opportunity to grow and realize your potential. We are a team of smart, talented people who enjoy what we do and are always looking for more great people to grow with us.

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